Other Information

Informational Resources for Emergency Events 

During an severe weather event (i,e. flooding, tornadoes, etc.), watch the local news channel for up-to-date weather information. Residents can also tune into KCCI Radio (AM1380, FM102.5, FM 106.1) for local flooding or tornado updates. Washington County Emergency Management Department also sends SMS text messages to residents with weather alerts. If you are not signed up for this service, visit the link below.

Washington County Wireless Emergency Notification System (WENS)


City of Kalona Siren System

 The City of Kalona has 3 main sirens that residents should know. In a severe weather event, the Kalona Community Center is available as a safe shelter location.

  • Daily: 1 whistle ring at 12PM
  • Fire: several intermittent whistles
  • Severe Weather (Tornado or Flooding): Continuous whistle, rings for a Flood or Tornado "Warning"


City of Kalona Map Information Services

The City of Kalona can provide inquirers with information about the local flood hazard and about flood-prone areas. Residents and businesses can request special information that can help draft an insurance policy or to take steps to avoid flood damage. Please contact Ryan Schlabaugh, Kalona City Administrator, at (319) 656-2310 to request any of the following information. 

  • Basic FIRM information
  • Floodway information
  • Flood problems not displayed on FIRM
  • Flood depth data
  • Special flood-hazards
  • Historical flood information
  • Natural floodplain functions 

 You may also fill out a Contact Form on this website to request any of the map information services


Urban Storm Water Best Management Practices

In addition to permanent flood mitigation practices, small-scale landscaping changes on your property can help better infiltrate rain water to lessen the impacts of flooding and improve water quality as an added benefit! Read more about these types of practices at either of the links below.

Rainscaping Iowa

Iowa Storm Water Manual