Build Responsibly

Building in the Floodplain

All development within the city requires state and local permis. A special permit is required for development within the floodplain. The NFIP requires that if the cost or reconstruction, additions, or other improvements to a building must meet the same construction requirements as a new building. Always check and fulfill permitting requirements with the City of Kalona before you build on, alter, fill, or re-grade on any portion of your property and/or within any easment of right-of-way. Without these requirements, flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) would not be available. 


Please contact City Hall for more information on building permits in the floodplain at (319) 656-2310. The Kalona Public Library also maintains many resources for FEMA-approved measures for building in the floodplain. The City is available to make site visits to review flooding issues, drainage and sewer problems, and provide one-on-one advice to property owners with respect to flood issues on their business or residential property. Building in the floodplain without proper permits is illegal and should be reported to City Hall.