Protect Property

Resources for Permanently Retrofitting Buildings

You many want to consider retrofitting your home or building if you are in the floodplain or special flood hazard area. The Army Corps of Engineers and FEMA both produce publications for information pertaining to permanent flood protection technoques. They are linked below:

USACE: Flood proofing performance: Successes and failures

USACE: Flood proofing: How to evaluate your options: Decision tree

USACE: In the Tug Fork Valley: Flood proofing technology

USACE: Flood proofing techniques, programs, and references 

USACE: Local Flood Proofing Programs

FEMA: 6 Ways to Permanently Retrofit Your Home


Emergency Flood Proofing Measures

If a Flood Watch or Warning is in affect, disconnect electrical appliances, bring outdoor furniture inside, and turn off gas or electricity if instructed. Preparing your home prior to an emergency will help prevent your property and belongings from flood damage. If floodwaters rise around your car but the water is not moving, abandon the car and move to higher ground. Do not leave the car and enter moving water.


Clear Drainage Systems are Key to Prevent Further Flood Damage

One common source of a local drainage problem is the waterway being blocked. When a drainage system is blocked, it does not move water efficiently, which can result in over capacity and potentially flood damage to nearby structures. If you observe someone illegally dumping garbage or debris, please contact either Kalona City Hall at (319) 656-2310 or the Washington County DNR Office at (319) 653-2135